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SEO Camp – The event dedicated to natural referencing

All natural referencing topics

SMX is an international webmarketing event that covers a wide range of topics, but it is not exclusively devoted to SEO. However, you should know that since 2009 there have been two days organised in France entirely dedicated to this universe. It’s called SEO Camp’us Paris, and the latest edition was held last September at the Palais des Congrès in Versailles.

The diversity of SEO professions is perfectly represented. Researchers, freelance consultants, web agency consultants and SEO managers from major groups will all be present. SEO Camp’us is aimed at web marketers, communicators who make increasing use of the web, marketing managers, traffic managers, and anyone who wants to learn about SEO. The stated aim is to make the most technical concepts accessible to everyone attending SEO Camp’us. Learning about SEO has never been so much fun.

The organisation of SEO Camp’us

The event is partly made up of conferences and round-table discussions led by SEO specialists. Indexing factors, automatic text generation, social network optimisation and an update on Google’s latest algorithm are just some of the topics generally covered each year. The content of recent conferences has been transcribed in the form of slides and made available on numerous blogs in the SEO community.

Clinical and participative workshops will also be held over the two days. The clinical workshops consist of examining the websites of the various participants, with the aim of identifying the factors blocking SEO and starting to define the measures needed to maximise visibility in search engine results. The participative workshops are lively debates on various subjects, providing an opportunity for free discussion with specialists in the field.

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