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How to create an SEO tender?

Is your business growing? Do you need an SEO expert to help you generate more traffic and support your customers? Seek the help of SEO professionals to improve your brand’s visibility and place your site in the top results of search engines.

However, to request the SEO services of an SEO consultant, you need to create an SEO request for proposal. Why and how should you draw up your SEO request for proposal? What are the essential elements to include in an SEO request for proposal? What should you look for in order to compare SEO agencies and choose the best one? Find clear answers in this article.

What is the purpose of a referencing request for proposal?

An invitation to tender is a procedure for receiving several proposals and selecting the best one. It is an effective way for companies to choose a supplier or service provider to meet a need. For the recruiter, it consists of evaluating the competition without going through negotiations.

You can submit a request for proposal for SEO when your company has specific SEO needs. Through this process, you obtain submission letters from digital agencies. You compare the applications to find out exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant are.

Writing a good call for tenders means that you will only receive proposals from SEO agencies. They adjust their prices and SEO services to your needs. You no longer need to ask for an SEO quote.

Today, there are a host of web agencies. Choosing the ideal provider for your natural referencing services is no mean feat. With an SEO call for tenders, you can receive proposals and analyse the digital strategies of different agencies. You select the agency that can help you achieve your objectives.

What are the essential elements to include in an SEO call for tenders?

To obtain SEO services thanks to your invitation to tender, you need to allow applicants to get to know you.

  • Provide a description of your company.
  • Specify the web marketing strategies you propose.
  • Provide information about your teams.
  • Briefly present your web project and the objectives you wish to achieve in the short and long term.
  • Give a clear idea of the deadlines. This way, candidates will understand the deadline for requesting SEO proposals.
  • State the evaluation criteria.

These various components of your specifications can be grouped into two main points, which we will develop below.

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A simple, coherent description of your company

At this stage, allow the natural referencing agencies to find out more about you. Present your targets to give a clear idea of who your potential customers are. It would also be interesting to give your turnover and your sales forecasts. These different aspects of your SEO call for tenders provide a concrete image of your company. They help the companies responding to your RFP to have a clear perception of your personal achievements. What’s more, you are giving them a projection of your achievements in the more or less near future.

Then talk about your rivals. All the best companies operate in a competitive environment. Explain the fundamental reasons why you are seeking SEO services for your company.

Is this a black hat attack? Have you invested at a loss in Google ads campaigns? Would you like to generate more qualified traffic? SEO training perhaps? Are you looking to redesign your site or create a new website? Give us the context of your call for tenders.

After that, present your in-house resources for content development. Talk about the CMS you use for web development. Specify whether you work with freelancers or with a team on one site.

Create your SEO call for tenders

What roles will your SEO expert play? For example, they may take care of ongoing SEO work. Find new customers and take care of regular tasks such as writing web content. Take charge of link building. Make a presentation of your web project and your objectives.

  • Give the planned SEO budget for your call for tenders
  • Present the key performance indicators you use to measure the success of your web project. Is it traffic? Conversion rate? Be specific.
  • Talk about your goal in SEO. Without a clear objective, you won’t get anywhere. So what do you want to achieve in concrete terms? Develop your reputation and consolidate your e-reputation? Improve your overall SEO?
  • Do you operate locally, nationally or internationally? Indicate where your market or targets are.
  • Tell us about your desired results. What do you think defines a successful web marketing strategy?
  • Give ample details of the profile you are looking for when you create your SEO call for tenders.
  • Specify the interview schedule and a deadline.
  • Clearly list the criteria for evaluating the proposals.

How do you write an invitation to tender to find an SEO service provider?

Are you looking for a web referrer? An SEO consultant? A developer? Want to improve your online visibility? Create your request for SEO proposals precisely, clearly and concisely. Base your proposals on an ethical SEO policy.

Remain consistent and honest: your partner needs to know you in order to develop a relationship of trust with your company. So opt for total transparency and create a real connection with your future service provider. Once you’ve got everything right on your side, carefully study the proposals from SEO agencies.

The experience

First, look at the experience of your SEO professional. Generally speaking, the more experience specialist agencies have, the more know-how they have to do a good job of SEO.

However, don’t rely too much on these details; look above all at the brands they come with. You don’t create your SEO call for tender just for the sake of it. Check whether the brands that your future partner supports appear in organic searches. Are they on the first pages of natural results?



Then evaluate the organisations and their working methods and decide whether they are right for you. Study the SEO tools that the agencies have mastered. Check that they operate in an educational and professional manner.

For example, your web project requires the creation of quality content. If so, then work with an agency that handles copywriting and your content strategy in general. Check whether your agency offers 360° services. This could be useful if you’re planning to do paid search.

With relevant, advanced web copywriting you’ll reach the right people in the right place.


Finally, read the customer reviews. What do they say? Do they find your site responsive and optimised? Are the testimonials in favour of your SEO agency? What do former customers think of your future partner on Google My Business?

The idea is simple: check your SEO expert’s e-reputation. What position does the agency occupy in the search engines? What visibility strategy does it use to stand out on the web? Take all these parameters into account when choosing your web marketing agency.

Controlling your e-reputation is vital. So build a positive online image that inspires confidence!

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