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The seven deadly sins in SEO

After betting on SEO, it is good to know the 7 deadly sins of SEO. This will give you the key aspects of a strategy to develop your e-reputation and understand how to succeed your SEO strategy from the start.

1. Avarice

Quality content is the first thing your visitor is looking for on your website. And this has to do good content as well as good form. Having poor quality content is the worst thing that can happen to you.  Optimization does not change but the criteria vary depending on the media. The goal is to create relevant and engaging content, as this will allow you to gain loyal visitors.

Your Photos:

They must be free of copy rights and exploitable. In terms of appearance, the quality must be impeccable. Don’t forget to acknowledge your sources and change the “alt” tag in html using the source code. This feature allows visually impaired people and Google to get a description of your image.

Your Videos:

The videos must also be free of rights with impeccable quality. A good mastery of sound, images and light is a must, especially if you want to start a project on YouTube or even if you will do SEO on YouTube.

Implementing these two marketing strategies when creating digital content will generate qualified web traffic in the long term as your content will be attractive.

2. Sloth

This is the most common mistake, and it will lead you to realize the importance of something after not doing it. What is good though is that we only make this mistake once. However, the penalty can go as far as getting downgraded by your search engine, even after posting new content.

3. Neglect

Here, it all depends on your editorial line. Just like marketing, building your SEO strategy is important. Creating a bad digital strategy can result in not having the right prospects and not being seen by your audience. SEO allows your audience and prospects to identify you in order to reach your targets. This identification is done using requests made on the internet.

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4. Blindness

Selecting a keyword strategy requires preparation. To be effective, it is good to know what your short, medium and long-term objectives are. For this to happen, you have to vary between using long and short keywords. It is the overlay of objectives that will allow you to accomplish your final goal. Designing a relevant content strategy takes time. So, we might as well set clear and achievable goals.

5. Greed

That’s it! You know how Google AdWords works, and you want to be seen by everyone. When writing your blog post on WordPress, you should choose the words that are most searched. But in the end, it doesn’t look like anything. The reason is simple: for every two words there is only one keyword, and the reader no longer even knows what you are saying. On the other hand, he or she knows where the exit is, and that’s unfortunately a lost visitor who will be hard to win back.

6. Pride

The presence of broken links or backlinks with a bad reputation makes natural SEO difficult. Over time, netlinking breaks down; outgoing and incoming links break, and we forget to check their status. This decrease in quality is detrimental to the positioning of your website. Do not set high expectations for your site. This approach will only please the robot in charge of SEO at Google.

7. Lust

The last common error is bad targeting. Not defining your audience results in not having no audience. How to identify yourself when the context or the identification process is yet to start? it’s therefore important to know who we’re talking to. Equally important, it’s your job to know what problems your audience is facing to turn them into useful and quality content.

Now that you know how to improve the SEO of your website, what solution will you adopt to define your visibility strategy?

SEO tips

  • Create an SEO strategy to integrate your marketing strategy
  • Use automation tools for your SEO
  • Create an editorial line with engaging and optimized content
  • Give visibility to your content through social media
  • Ask your friends and relatives to define you in order to use good web searches
  • Hire a writer, an SEO freelance, an SEO agency or a digital agency
  • Define a specific SEO goal
  • Get some Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads trainings
  • Do not invest in the acquisition of paid web traffic before implementing an SEO strategy
  • Perform an SEO audit every six months to implement improvement measures

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