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The SEO: The Start-ups’ Crazy Bet?

Few are the start-up businesses that ask the question, but we will see how important it is to embark on the journey of the optimization of a website.

SEO, or the Start-ups’ underrated weapon

The origins

We all know the profiles that run a start-upThe employees are typically young graduates of high schools, entrepreneurs with the will to be part of the French Tech. They often have a flash of genius and believe in their products’ ability to change everything. Then comes the creation of the product, the business-model and the website. But then they are eventually struck by reality: three visits in three months; this means that the dreams of revolutionizing Silicon Valley are very distant.

Why so much excitement?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is another American neologism that designates local SEO. It consists in three major pillars: the technical part, the innovative content and link building, or the strategy of incoming and outgoing links. A good SEO strategy has many benefits. Having good indexing on Google and being visible allow you to have frequent visits and increase the number of clicks. These actions give a good e-reputation to your website or your WordPress. This is when SEO becomes interesting for an innovative company.

How to use SEO for your own benefit?

So what?

Start-ups have everything to gain by betting on SEO. Being visible on the first search engine results page impacts sales. In the case of an SEO strategy focused on quality marketing content, creating videos and infographics will build your expertise. This action will generate more qualified web traffic, and each media created will return to your start-up, which will improve your SEO referencing.
Another point to emphasize is that the SEO strategy is easily adaptable regardless of the product, service, or field of your start-up. You won’t have to be a web writer, SEO expert, black hat, or even to check a web consultant to get started. Only the will, an interesting topic and an internet connection are enough.

To optimize a website or a URL, it is possible to identify key expressions in your domain and create content about some given issues and topics. Thanks to this approach, your start-up will provide a solution to potential customers, and all these actions are executed in the long term.

SEO for free!

Unlike paid SEO, effective SEO work is not expensive. However, it requires investment on the part of the web writer to reach his or her targets and reference his or her website on search engines. This task is really easy because you just have to be creative and avoid the penalties of search engines.

Why not now?

Improving your website’s positioning is the first priority of any start-up. It would be much better to do it from the start. It is necessary to adopt a proactive approach, but start-ups usually make two mistakes regarding natural referencing. The first is not to rely on an SEO strategy. The second is to create an SEO strategy after the website goes online. These actions result in poor ranking and redouble efforts to have a strategic place on the front page of Google searches.

It is also equally important to use the implementation of an SEO strategy when redesigning or creating a website. This gives you the opportunity to improve the user experience while implementing a digital strategy. You will only be able to get started in international SEO after mastering your local SEO strategy. In other words, international SEO will prepare you for internationalization.

Now that you know that SEO is a lever for competitive advantage, what are you waiting for?

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SEO tips

  • Include a sitemap
  • Create an editorial line that includes SEO, SMO and social media
  • Create an SEO toolkit to make your life easier
  • Perform SEO monitoring of your website or CMS (Content Management System)
  • Make your website more responsive for a good user experience
    Include key expressions with a long train or semantic cocoon
  • Link to authority websites
  • Remember to work the pages with meta tags and descriptions
  • Implement a marketing strategy with conversion tunnels
  • Know the updates and penalties of the Google search engine algorithms

Key figures

Leads from SEO can climb up to 14.6%, while leads from traditional print have an average conversion rate of 1.7%(Crazy Egg).

82% of marketing specialists believe that SEO is becoming more effective (MarketDive).

93% of online usage starts with a search engine. (imForza)

Search engines bring 300% more web traffic than social networks (IronPaper).

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