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Sell on Google Shopping!

If you are planning to start an e-commerce business, then SEO, SEA, Growth hacking are concepts to understand with Google Shopping. If not, then this article will help you to understand it better.

Google Environment

Google Engine

Some people, including me, always have a knack for forgetting about gifts. So when there’s a slip-up, I know that Google Shopping can help. All I have to do is type the exact phrase into the search engine, go to the shopping tab in the search engine and a selection of product feeds appear. The name of the retailers, the price, the delivery time… all the attributes I need to make a quick purchase are there, all according to my geographical area.

But what else?

Google shopping is the Google marketplace par excellence, the queries made allow millions of e-merchants to display their ads. This operation is done without any distinction of platform between Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento or other e-commerce CMS. To make it even simpler, let’s say it’s a price comparison and search engine for e-tailers. The conversion is much stronger than the other levers whether it is SEO or SEA for several reasons. But before that, let’s see the different terms in our glossary in the Google world.

A reminder

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, which is what we specialize in, puts content you have created on the first page of results and gives you visibility through a list of relevant keywords.

Google Ads is Google’s advertising network that allows you to launch advertising campaigns. Going through a google ads agency will allow you to benefit from a personalized service on your advertising campaigns.

Google Ads is Google’s advertising network that allows you to launch advertising campaigns. Going through a google ads agency will allow you to benefit from a personalized service on your advertising campaigns.

Google Merchant is responsible for providing information on products and virtual shops.

Finally, Google Shopping is the search engine for e-tailers and advertisers to display effective ads to sell their goods on the internet. Due to the previous steps and the role of Google, the targeting reaches an unparalleled precision and this granularity allows a very high conversion rate. This makes it an essential marketplace.

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Differentiating factors

The intention

The purchase intention of potential customers is not at all the same depending on the lever used. In the case of SEO, the visitor to your site is in the discovery phase. In the SEA phase, Google gives immediate visibility to commercial links. Advertisers then use displays or partnerships to encourage you to buy. In the Google Shopping phase, the user takes the initiative to make a purchase, as his or her purchase intention is at its highest.

This particularity of wanting to consume with a strong intention to buy makes Google Shopping very interesting, hence the interest to prepare before selling on Google. If the final objective is sales then click-through rates (ctr), impressions and conversion tracking are the vectors.

Playing elbows

To really stand out on Google Shopping you will need to be as clever as a fox, combining several factors. By having a good product catalogue, which should be created from user analysis and the quality of the products to be sold. By implementing a good SEO strategy, using the right keywords in product sheets. Give visibility by showing them on YouTube. You can vary the ad format to do A/B testing and see which performs best. The digital age is all about seducing the customer with illustrated ads and punchy content, so combine the two.

SEO tips

  • If you want to delegate this task, use a Google Partners certified SEO agency or Google experts,
  • Get Google certifications and Ads certifications. You’ll gain skills before you go into e-commerce,
  • Master the Google Merchant Center which is your friend,
  • Combine paid search, organic search, and social networks as levers to deliver dynamic campaigns,
  • Measure the results of the campaigns using the dashboard in Google Analytics, the goal will be to give a quality score to each campaign conducted,
  • Observe the sales cycles of your products according to their seasonality

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