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Lead generation: the Digital El Dorado

The dream of every startup is to generate leads, regardless of circumstances and sectors. In this article, we will look at how to do that…

The digital nectar

Let’s face it, defining a marketing strategy with quality content, including SEO, SEA, marketing campaigns and growth hacking is time-consuming. So, why not take advantage of it, whether it’s B2C or B2B? You do it to attract more customers and these customers are highly relevant prospects. The new qualified leads are the ones you target in your sales prospecting, webinars and newsletters.

More leads, more leads, and even more leads

All startup managers are obsessed with having more and more prospects. And this is possible by simply implementing several measures.

1. Understand the origin of the customer or prospect?

This may appear trivial, but understanding where your qualified leads are coming from is the first thing you need to do. Doing so will not only give you a way to get a considerable number of customer-prospect, but it will also allow you to tailor your offer to each of your customers. The aim is also to understand what your customers like about you.

2. Put it in context

The market you are targeting is potentially filled with many leads, but have you taken the time to understand them?  The lack of understanding can tilt the balance in the wrong direction.  Yes, contextualization is a lever of web marketing, as is redefining the buying process and the buying power of qualified contacts. “How can my solution help my prospect?” and “Is he/she the right customer?” are the right questions to ask yourself.

3. Analyze

Google is your friend and so are KPIs. Identifying the indicators for the measures you opt for will help you determine whether intuition is correct. Identifying the steps from first contact to conclusion will help you optimize your digital marketing strategy.

These first three steps refine the target profile and customer acquisition.

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Automate the customer relationship or marketing automation.

Automation can take place once expectations are understood and the steps of the sales funnel are synthesized. The ability to use an Automator upfront impacts your branding. It’s worth remembering that first impressions are the most important.

But beware: the automation of the process does not mean its dehumanization. It’s your responsibility to do inbound marketing, add a human touch, and generate qualified traffic to improve conversions. The objective of this step is to gain visibility while maintaining a human essence.

To go even further, you can integrate marketing data and transfer each of your customers into a CRM. Your digital nectar needs to be well refined because it is the fruit of a successful digital marketing plan.

Now that you know the important points of acquisition prospects, what I would like to know are the difficulties you face when generating leads?

SEO tips

  • Define a good acquisition strategy to attract new customers
  • Marketing levers like newsletters will help you retain customers and reach new audiences.
  • Use an inbound marketing agency to engage with and convert your leads
  • Implement marketing data for the tools you use: Emailing, Google Ads, your website that will allow you to measure the ROI.
  • Activate multiple marketing levers during the testing phase and combine them with the right CTAs and measure their impact
  • Prepare your speech to have a good digital communication
  • The customer relationship is the only criteria that allows all these tools to be profitable

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