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Click, click, click… Who is it? It’s the CTA!

After having discussed the importance of the 7 deadly sins in SEO and how to do a good link building we will be able to discuss the CTA.

The Call-To-Action, CTA for short, means “Call to Action”. Is it part of your content, your website, your sales page? The CTA is an essential tool for generating traffic and conversions on your site. It is used to elicit a reaction from your visitor with an incentive to buy.

Click on Your Article

For those who are still wondering, CTA does not stand for “Click on Your Article” even though it encourages us to do so. This is yet another anglicism belonging to the world of startups and digital marketing, meaning “Call-To-Action.” Simply put, the author encourages visitors to take action after watching the video or reading the article. While the principle is still unclear, I’m sure you’ve already heard, “Like! Share and subscribe!”, a phrase said with more energy than the rest of the video or “if you liked this article, share it”… But be aware that behind each CTA is a very specific objective. Your CTA must attract attention and ask for a quick action from the user, because it will increase the chances of conversion.

Does the CTA have a purpose?

Does the call to action have a purpose? Most of the time, the call to action takes the form of a button. This can be very simple, such as the involvement of a website or a new website. But sometimes the call to action can be more complex. If you want the message to be clear and direct, you need to establish a marketing strategy that features your product, brand or service. It is a real lever to help you convert your future prospects.

Targeting for a better impact

The purpose of a call-to-action varies depending on your primary goal, which is why it is necessary to have one before generating content. The goal may be to increase your traffic, generate sales, improve conversion rates, or even build loyalty. If you have paid attention to the order of the examples, they correspond to stages of a sales funnel. To choose the right one, you need to know which stage you are in and apply one. You need to define and know your target audience.

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Don’t give up

Despite having identified your sales stage in the funnel and the corresponding CTA, you are afraid of doing what everyone else is doing and you are right. There are three little-used tools that can help you. The combination of copywriting and personalisation will make your article and user experience much more impactful, because there is nothing worse than “click here” as a CTA when the article looks great. Finally, there’s the practical side of things with A/B testing. It may be that the call-to-action is good, but the wording leaves something to be desired, and this is where A/B testing comes into its own. You will see the behaviour of your audience change in a positive or negative way… and all you have to do is pick the one that is closest to the desired effect.

The different types of call to action

There are several types of CTAs. Here are some examples:

  • At the bottom of the content: the CTA appears at the bottom of the content. Its purpose is to encourage the visitor to take action. For example, you can put “create account” at the bottom of each page of your site.
  • At the top of the content: the CTA appears at the top of the content. For example, you can put a “free download” button offering a temporary free trial on the home page of your site.
  • On a form: the CTA appears at the top of the form. Its purpose is to encourage the visitor to act. For example, you can put a “validate” button next to the fields required for the form.

SEO tips

It is necessary to place the CTAs well and to optimize the basic design, because we are selling both the content with what is said and the form with the design, graphics and user experience. The indicator that will allow you to get by is the click rate.

Please let us know which CTAs surprised you the most or simply made you laugh.

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