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How to promote your website?

If you want people to find you easily, they must first have heard of you. If you want them to know something about you, you need to get your image out there. This is where the promotion of your site comes in, whether it is an e-commerce site or a showcase site…

You have worked hard to create your website or left it in the hands of a good web design agency. Now you need to promote it if you want to attract visitors. You also need to actively promote it if you want your site to be seen by others and to make yourself known. Here are some suggestions and levers to help you promote your website.

Internet users will have the opportunity to discover your site through 2 channels: links to your site and search engines. How can you activate them?

To sum up…

“Too much SEO kills SEO”.

Referencing and promotion should be consumed in moderation, otherwise it will be a disaster. Here is Philippe Yonnet’s common sense advice on the steps to promote a website:

  1. We check the code of our pages, the structure of our sites, so that the content is crawlable (recognisable by robots) and referencable. We check that for a given content, the structure of the pages (TITLE tags, H1 etc.) contains what is needed to be eventually well ranked on the most obvious request on the content of this page.
  2. Then, forget about SEO. We manage link exchanges and partnerships, thinking only about traffic generation (in short, getting real Internet users to click on links on a page)
  3. We do promotion, communication, public relations, so that webmasters create spontaneous links to the site … This is the “backlink” that will allow you to attract traffic from external sites, but on the same theme as yours.
  4. If there is a lack of content that can be found on a query, we create the content. A marketing strategy must be put in place. These content pages must bring something to the site. You need to offer quality content for your visitors and these incoming visitors to your site must therefore be a defined target from the start.

In detail…

Integrity pays off in the long run

As Google has become more sophisticated, “borderline” promotion techniques have become increasingly ineffective and dangerous.

If you want a quick and massive influx of visitors, use advertising, it’s made for it. Find out why with our article on Google advertising.

For the rest, the best way to get a good ranking is not to worry about ranking!

Apart from paid advertising, your promotional efforts should therefore be directed towards a single goal: obtaining links that will really bring you visitors and thus develop quality traffic.

  • Register in directories that you think are of good quality. Choose your section carefully: by registering in the wrong section, you will disappoint visitors who were not expecting to come across a site like yours and you will lose those who were really looking for you.
  • Don’t spend more than 20% of your time promoting your site. Spend the remaining 80% improving the quality of your site.
  • Don’t pollute the guest books with ads for your site. Instead, give positive and constructive criticism to the webmaster who will read you… and if you really like his site, offer him a link exchange!
  • If you talk about your site on the forums, do it only when it is really justified. And don’t just do that! Other members will follow your links if they trust you and not otherwise.
  • Only exchange links with sites you like and only if the link you are going to place on your site can bring something to your visitors.
  • Be generous in all your dealings with other webmasters: on the net as elsewhere, you have to give to receive.

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You will note that the above list does NOT contain :

  • We register the site in a thousand directories,
  • We register in a hundred forums where we only talk about this GENIAL site that we have just finished,
  • We send emails to 48,574,451 unhappy people asking them to visit the site,
  • We subscribe to an automatic referencing system,
  • etc…

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