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From the advent of Google until today, it is impossible to do good SEO without a real netlinking strategy on internet. Pioneer of SEO in France since 1998 and official partner of Google, offers you a complete netlinking service to consolidate your SEO.

The Backlinks Unit, our team of experts dedicated to creating links, takes care of and optimizes your netlinking, in accordance with your brand identity, your digital strategy and your business objectives, to make a difference in terms of natural referencing.

What is Netlinking?

Netlinking is the art of creating quality hypertext links between your web pages and other reliable, relevant and SEO friendly websites. More specifically, developing your netlinking involves building a good network of backlinks, or inbound links, as much as possible with well-referenced websites, having a good e-reputation and generating a regular flow of traffic.

What is netlinking for?

Weaving a good mesh of external links between your web pages and the rest of the web is essential for your SEO and digital marketing. While fuelling your daily traffic, in quality and quantity, your netlinking strategy is the lever that allows you to make a difference in terms of natural referencing, provided that you are consistent and respect good practices.

The main function of a hyperlink is to go from one web page to another with a single click. The primary purpose of your netlinking is therefore to bring new visitors directly to your website.

If you choose the source of your backlinks, with the right keywords, on web pages corresponding to the navigation territories of your target audience, your netlinking attracts a qualitative flow of visitors, and therefore potential customers.

Developing your netlinking is essential to your organic referencing. Historically and even today, the quality of your netlinking is a major criterion of Google to define your PageRank and your positioning.

The more inbound links you get from reliable websites that are consistent with your industry, the more Google will give you credibility and give better visibility to your website in its results pages. Why ?

Google is constantly looking for reliable and relevant sources of information on the internet in order to provide the best possible search results to internet users and their requests. If many websites in your industry contain hyperlinks pointing to yours, this means that you are recognized as a credible reference, a notorious authority in your field.

Netlinking is the ranking criterion that contributed to the birth of Google and the success of its algorithm. Naturally, measuring the quality of your backlinks remains one of its main sorting principles. Therefore, it is impossible to neglect your netlinking if you claim better SEO.

What is a good incoming link, a quality backlink?

To be beneficial to your SEO, a good link must be placed on a qualitative web page, within a reliable website, well referenced and visited. The content of the page on which the backlink is positioned must be SEO-friendly and relevant to the theme of your site.

In terms of user experience (called UX), the content of your web page, to which the external link directs the user, must naturally correspond to the expectations of the visitor when he clicks on this backlink.

Ideally, the clickable word of the external link should redirect the user to a page on your site that is well structured around the same semantic field, in order to reinforce your natural referencing on these keywords.

If you have chosen the original web page and built your landing web page well, a good link should bring you targeted visitors, increase your conversion rate, generate new sales, new orders.

Of course, if you want to increase your visibility for the French market, you must seek for French backlinks. It can be hard to do for foreign companies, that is why propose a full-on prestation including the search of qualitative backlinks, writing of matching articles and putting them online.

How to measure the quality of your backlinks?

In order to study the performance of your external links, multiple criteria and measurement tools have been created. The quality level of a backlink, or inbound link (leading to your site), can be precisely measured according to several indicators, called “metrics”.

The DA or Domain Authority is a score ranging from 0 to 100, taking into account the quality of the netlinking of the evaluated website. Applied to a web page, this rating given by is the PA, or “Page Authority”.

The TF or Trust Flow is an index aimed at gauging the credibility and reliability of a site or a page and its contents. This indicator going from 0 to 100 is calculated by Majestic SEO, from a database of backlinks and a list of reference websites on the internet.

The CF or Citation Flow is the popularity index of a website or web page. The Citation Flow is also evaluated by Majestic SEO, on a scale from 0 to 100 and takes into account all the hyperlinks. The ratio between TrustFlow and Citation Flow gives you an idea of ​​the SEO potential of a site on which to create a backlink. Several other metrics exist, such as PR or Google PageRank, etc.

How to launch a netlinking campaign for your SEO?

What can be the benefits of a netlinking campaign?

A good netlinking campaign has a major positive impact on your SEO: you still need to know how to successfully do it. A smart linkbuilding campaign also brings you new, well-qualified traffic right away.

Indeed, the deployment of a targeted link strategy consists in capturing part of the visitors of the websites on which the hyperlinks lead to yours. In this sense, a good netlinking campaign offers you the opportunity to find your target visitors, your customers, directly on their digital land of choice.

The benefit of a netlinking campaign is double: the optimization of your SEO and the acquisition of a qualified flow of new visitors among your target audience. By activating these two levers, your linkbuilding campaign has a direct influence on your visibility, your conversion rate and therefore, on your sales revenues.

When to do a netlinking campaign?

A good netlinking campaign must be launched at the right time. Your website must be ready and a number of criteria must be met. Otherwise, creating links would be useless, even harmful for your image and your SEO.

To create and launch your netlinking campaign successfully, our team of backlink experts takes care of designing your backlinking strategy and creating your new links in accordance with SEO best practices. can develop your netlinking to consolidate your SEO

On the SEO market, many SEOs will offer you link purchases, or link exchanges. Be very careful with backlink traffic, which can quickly penalize your SEO if the external links acquired are of poor quality.

Our agency is one of the pioneers of SEO since 1998 and market leaders in France, with more than 1000 clients supported to our credit.

Aware of the importance of incoming hyperlinks for your SEO, beyond your tree structure, your keywords and content, we have designed a tailor-made netlinking service and its dedicated team: our Backlinks Unit.

Our BackLinks Department: a team of experts dedicated to your netlinking

At, our CBL unit, or BackLinks Dapartment, is a team of experts entirely dedicated to your netlinking and to the creation of your external links, or linkbuilding, at the service of your organic referencing and your sales revenues.

Our BackLinks Unit was created in 2012 to deal with the arrival of Google Penguin, an update of Google’s PageRank algorithm whose aim is to drive out bad SEO practices, called black hat, and in particular abusive creation artificial links.

Our specialists in the creation of qualitative backlinks and the hunt for penalizing links, work as a team under the direction of an SEO expert with more than 10 years of experience in hyperlink strategy. What does our netlinking service consist of?

From the removal of penalizing hyperlinks to the creation of quality backlinks’s Backlinks Department has been providing a complete and personalized netlinking service since 2012.

Search for qualitative and differentiated sources: matching your field of activity, your identity and your strategy, our SEO experts search and select for you Google friendly, efficient and varied websites, to build the best quality links.

Creation of external links or linkbuilding: our specialists master the art of creating hyperlinks in accordance with SEO best practices and are responsible for creating for you, one by one, each new backlink pointing to the right page of your site and offering to your visitors the best user experience.

Correction and removal of penalizing hyperlinks: our netlinking professionals take care of cleaning up any incoming link likely to result in a penalty from Google, in order to clean up and optimize your existing backlink network.

You want to work with this team? We are ready !