Why is SEO compulsory for your business ?

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Today, whether you are an institution, a “pure player” or own a storefront, Digital Marketing has to be a part of your strategy. More than 70% of Google requests have a commercial purpose, your customers use internet on a daily basis to get fresh news, read product information, purchase online products or services, etc… It is therefore necessary to be visible on the web and meet your customers’ needs and expectations, and it has to go through an SEO project management to optimize the visibility of a website.

Actually you have to see SEO as the perfect representation of the real world. To be seen, there are two solutions: either people know your brand name, in which case you have a more or less good reputation among your visitors, or you need to be visible and seen when they are looking for your products or services.

Then everything is a matter of balance … It is not necessary to aim too high at first, for fear of being overtaken by an aggressive competition. You should, instead, aim for strategic keywords that you will be seen more quickly and receive qualitative traffic. One side of our job consists in assisting you in this process and guide through the different steps of an SEO project.

Patience is a word your website needs to respect because you will only see interesting results on competitive keywords in a long term vision. It is You need to move step by step and not rushing things too quickly toward your success.

From SEO to social media optimization

For these past few years, you’ve probably noticed that social networking have invaded Internet and with them a variety of sharing buttons came adorn the pages of content, to enhance users to participate and share information they find relevant.

Most web users find a specific interest in using these social networks, whether it is for professional or personal use. Information and links circulate among them and they make the web more “social” and increase people’s engagement. One of the main benefit of social is possibility to spread a message in real time speed rate. Most of all, social media is used to create community, a very interesting point for brands as strong community represent a powerful advertising window dressing.

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