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The advertsing tool Google Ads allows you to appear directly on the search engines, but what is the cost of it ?

Learn how to think Ads so that you can quickly create campaigns and ads that are relevant and efficient.

The expertise and certifications of the speaker will help you acquire within 2 days a lot of tips and rules to appear at the best cost with keywords that bring the best conversion ratio.

Estimate you ROI, manage your campaigns and find out about the incredible possibilities of the adverstising tool of Google !

At the end of the training, you will know all about it and have handle advanced tools such as the ad’s extensions or Google Ads Editor.

This course also integrate an important practical part, in which the trainer will guide the trainees through the creation of their own campaign.

Training program

  • Presentation of Google Ads and associated products
  • How to « think » your ad campaign with the tool ?
  • Organize campaign and Ad groups depending on products, targets, location
  • Find and select the good keywords to include or exclude in large request, exact expresiion or exact keyword
  • Learn how to use the interface
  • Follow the evolution of your campaign with the interface’s charts
  • How to improve quality level
  • Keywords bidding management
  • Benefits of ads extensions
  • Set-up of ads extensions
  • Tips and tricks of Ads
  • Know your ROI for better budget investments
  • Link with Google Analytics
  • Create and send activity’s reports
  • Save time with Ads Editor
  • Case studies / Creation and management of campaigns with the trainees

Training duration : 2 days


1 600 € / person
Declining price for more than 2 employees


Webmasters, Marketing or communication department, online merchants and CEOs


Internet and browser’s use, knowledge of Web lexicon or website management

Training purpose

Know the possibilities of the Google Ads tool and learn the good technics to create your campaigns and improve the rentability.


« After many disappointing experiments with referencing agencies, I let myself be convinced by the team and its professionalism. I followed the AdWords course and I discovered the many tools of AdWords and the ones I should use for my different projects. Now, I can manage myself all my campaigns knowing how to optimize them. I’m thinking now that I’ll trust this very efficient agency, by far, with my websites. »

Marina AMOURIQ, Director of NC Formation, 12/02/2015

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