Link Building

To get a quality link building campaign, we set up various steps.

1. Link Audit

Our tools allow us to take stock of your existent backlinks: we analyse the quality of the sources, the number of links, their content, anchors and keywords. Through this report, we adapt your link building strategy. We implement a custom-made link building strategy to each customer.

2. Link building strategy

Regarding the off-site part of a SEO strategy, link building is based on getting various backlinks from different websites and blogs. The objective is to redirect users from others’ domains to yours. Quality link building is rewarded by Google and will improve your positioning. With you, we will determine content, keywords and anchors to set up, and we will optimise the links.

3. Link search profiles

Since 1998, our experience has made us build a strong partnership network. We are in contact with bloggers, administrators and agencies, enabling us to get articles in your domain of reference. We optimise the sources to make sure that the backlink/domain report is respected. Depending of your needs and of your budget, we will look carefully to those indicators for selection: domain rank and authority, page rank, Alexa rank, trust/quotation flow, Moz rank, positions, global SEO.

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