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SEO training conducted by experts in the field


Sylvain Vidal

7 years of experience in SEO. Certified Google Adwords. SEO and Google Analytics specialist.

franck seo camp

Franck Maquinay

16 years of experience in SEO. SEO specialist. Head of agencies, SEO Experts and Adifco. SEO speaker.

Our courses are open to everyone. A simple knowledge of how a website works is enough. Our training is designed to help you move forward, increase your skills, keep up to date with your knowledge, or help you retrain.

The lunch, supported, will share a more informal moment with your trainer, and continue the training.

Many practical cases make it easier to handle the concepts to be acquired.

The trainings are progressive, practical, and adapted to the needs of each one.

The professionals we’ve trained are convinced. Here are some of their testimonials below.

Où ?

The training takes place in the premises of our agency located in the Paris region (N7 Juvisy, 91260).


We propose trainings of 1 to 3 days according to the subject


The price of the training can be entirely supported by your OPCA or by the Pole Emploi.

Supports provided

Course materials are provided at the end of the training on USB stick

For intra-company training, please contact Sylvain VIDAL.
sylvain (at) or 01 69 21 21 95 (direct line)

What do our customers think?

 Claire  Cosson Training to SEO is good. But follow a good training in SEO, it’s even better! This is the case with the advanced SEO module offered by The advantage of this 3-day training is that it concretely combines theory and practice. Result: at the end of this internship, you are really able to act on the natural referencing of your projects! And of course, significantly improve the positioning of your sites to Google’s hit parade. Thanks for everything !
Claire COSSON, freelance journalist, the 23/05/2016
VirginieI attended a 2-day Google Analytics training at SEO.FR ​​in April. I sincerely thank Sylvain for his professionalism and the richness of our exchanges. The theoretical training as well as the practical training perfectly met my expectations. The program is loaded but the concepts have been made intelligible thanks to clear and concise explanations. Sylvain masters his subject perfectly and has adapted to our level by digging some subjects more than others. I left with a good understanding of the tool, its scope of action and I immediately took advantage of this training by integrating Google Analytics at the heart of my Webmarketing operations.
Virginie FERRIER DELPUECH, Digital Manager, on 17/05/2016
 Assur O’Poil Very interesting and informative training. It allowed us to understand many things on our website and on the complex tool that Google Analytics. Thanks to Sylvain for his patience and pedagogical spirit.
Linda PEROTTI, Marketing and Web Communication Manager France & Italy, 06/02/2017

 Delpuech  Virginie “After several disappointing experiences with SEO agencies, I let myself be convinced by the professionalism of the team by following the Adwords training level 1 and 2. I was able to discover the many tools of Adwords as well as those to set up for my different projects. I am now able to manage my campaigns by myself knowing how to optimize them. I now think of entrusting the SEO of my sites to this agency which is by far the most effective.”

Marina AMOURIQ, Director of NC Formation, 12/02/2015

 Delpuech  Virginie “SEO is 90% of my sales, so it’s important for me to be well positioned on Google. I was looking for SEO training on netlinking, and I found (well positioned!).

This training helped me a lot in every way: theory in the morning and practice in the afternoon, the training of Sylvain adapts to the problems of the TPE and managed to understand technical concepts not necessarily easy to understand by making them accessible . Always attentive, pedagogue and caring, Sylvain seeks primarily to advance the people he trains in the long term, so I highly recommend his training for anyone who wants to progress in SEO and understand the operation of the engines of research.”

 Julien ROCHER, Development Manager Lé, the 26/04/2016

Professional SEO trainings

Are you looking for quality SEO training courses delivered by professionals recognized for more than 20 years? Our 7 SEO courses cover strategic topics and provide you with the basics of SEO knowledge. They take place over 1 to 3 days (depending on the subject) and their funding is possible via the OPCA and the Employment Center. Discover our SEO training:

“Advanced SEO”

3 days

Do you want to improve your SEO techniques? We offer advanced SEO training where each SEO factor is detailed and explained so that you can eventually develop your own visibility strategy for your site.


SEO “Getting started”

1 day

The world of SEO is foreign to you and you want to acquire the basics to master the main concepts of SEO, understand how search engines work? So do not hesitate this training open to all is made for you!


Google Analytics

2 days

Having traffic on your site is not enough, it is necessary to analyze it to know who comes to your site and study its behavior. Analyzing your traffic is essential to guide you in your strategic decisions.


Google Adwords

2 days

Learn how to create a successful campaign on Adwords, the Google ad network. You’ll learn how to manage your account and maximize the ROI of your ads.


Other specific trainings

If you want to train on topics specific to the Web, we offer tailored training: Web Architecture Optimization, Web Content Writing, Netlinking and Web Analytics.

Designed to be immediately applicable, our trainings will give you the weapons so that you can optimize your business on the Web. Discover the dates and the details of our trainings:

Our free workshops

The SEO workshops are 2-hour sessions on various SEO issues for companies. These workshops are free and open to professionals who want to put a foot in the world of SEO, whether to develop their strategy or better communicate with their provider. These workshops are led by members of our technical team who want to share their knowledge and passion.

Why train in SEO?

SEO training is growing in popularity. If a few years ago almost only web professionals knew what SEO was, today is an area that is becoming more and more important. Whether from the point of view of the general public or from the point of view of professionals (business leaders, webmasters, web managers, tradesmen, craftsmen, etc.), the importance of being visible on the Internet is beginning to be integrated, and with it the importance of SEO. Here are 4 reasons why you should train in SEO:

Understand how search engines work:

To improve the positioning of your site, you must first understand how Google works in the first place. This will allow you to measure SEO issues and why you need to implement SEO measures.

Manage your SEO yourself

SEO is a strategic area. For some companies, it is the most important acquisition channel. It is then essential to know all the keys to control your SEO because as the saying goes “we are never better served than by ourselves”.

Analyze the results of your actions

In SEO, the analysis of the results is a crucial step to succeed your SEO strategy. To work without measuring is to work in a vacuum. That’s why it’s important to master analytics tools like Google Analytics. Our training will teach you how to use them best.

Integrate SEO into your business strategy

SEO is a component of your web strategy. If so far you have not taken into account the SEO, this training will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to take in hand this essential aspect of your strategy.

Frequently asked questions about our courses

When did the last training update date?

The last version of our training dates from one month. We carry out a daily watch on the evolution of the search engines to always be at the forefront of our business. By choosing our training, you are sure to learn the most effective techniques in the field.

How long do the training last?

Depending on the training you have chosen, the workshops last from 1 to 3 days for advanced training. They have been designed so that they are as effective as possible: the morning is devoted to theory while the afternoon allows you to put into practice what you have learned.

At what level is this training aimed?

Our training offer covers all levels: from uninitiated to people who already have a level in the field. If you want to acquire the basics of SEO, SEO Training “Getting Started” is just right for you. There are no prerequisites for this basic training. For more experienced profiles, our “Advanced SEO” training is more suitable. Other specialized trainings will allow you to go deeper into specific topics: web analytics, web writing, etc.

Can I apply what I learned directly after the training?

Many of our clients who come to training want to manage the SEO of their sites. Our courses give you the opportunity to do this through practical workshops where you can start to imagine and implement your SEO strategy

At which intervals are the SEO training taking place?

We organize regular trainings at a rate of one per week in general. We try to have this regularity over time, so even if you missed an SEO training date, you can still do it a few weeks later


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