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Logo Beachcomber Tours We asked to help us set up our digital strategy for the launch of our website. The team was able to offer us a solution with respect to our budget and our needs. Celine thank you for advice in terms of SEO, to Sylvain for the implementation of the various campaigns Adwords and Patrick for account management Beachcomber Tours.
Enzo Gerards, Digital Project Manager -
Logo Renault We worked with to optimize the SEO of Renault Retail Group website. What emerges from these instinctively common working years are firstly responsiveness in responding to our needs and then the skill level that emerges from this agency. knew we assist and advise us specifically to increase and sustain awareness of the site and was notably source of proposals throughout the project.
Rémy Durieux, Web Project Manager (Purjus) -
Logo Alter Eco After 4 months, our website is already positioned on the first page, our rate of visits increased by 40 %, is increased from nearly 9,000 unique visitors to 15,000 visitors per month.
William Tan, Web Manager -
Logo LubgamesI appealed to following a Penguin penalty that lasted over 2 years as a deadly poison, my website was regularly losing positions whatever I do and lost about 75% of its traffic over 2 years. After going through two providers who have not known me out, I decided to trust After a lot of work done by them, finally found my website colors. The latter is back on a lot of keywords that I had long lost, hoping that these achievements are part time and are the sign of a good recovery. Thank you very much to Romain for the quality of his work and for all the answers to my questions.
Jean-Claude Vignoli, CEO -

We are SEO specialists and web design. In this video, Sylvain Vidal one of our consultants presents the 4 steps to successful SEO of your e-commerce sites

  1. Create an optimized architecture for your website
  2. Adopt a strategy content
  3. Create a linkbuilding strategy
  4. Stay authentic and give free rein to your creativity

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On Google, your website visibility is essential. Our team acts on the three main SEO levers in order to develop an efficient SEO strategy based on technical, content and backlinking. Our actions are setting up to anticipate Google updates and filters. We optimize your website performances to guaranty you a great SEO and to get out of any algorithm penalty.

Video SEO

In addition to Google search engine results page, Google video platform is the second largest in the world. Today, using video offers new opportunities for companies and Youtubers. Our SEO company optimizes your existant video content and creates original content from your ressouces.

Local SEO

Local researches represent 20% of Google total researches in France. Local SEO is indespensable if you have specific targets or to obtain a better visibility for your outlets in France. Moreover, Google Map allows a better local SEO via researches with tablets and smartphones. Its optimization is useful to capture the good target and achieve your goals.


Certified Google Partner, our experts manage your French AdWords campaigns. We optimize with you the keywords chosen to allow the development of your visibility and your sales. Resort to a company full of experiences for your SEA is a good way to have the better Return On Investment.

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We master sensitivity and specificity of French language

French language is complex

The language of Molière, Victor Hugo and Baudelaire is a rich language. If English is a contextual language with many short words, French language is full of nuances, longer in its writing. This is reflected in the search habits of French web users : many synonyms are taken into account as well as groups of keywords in order to optimize the full potential of a request.

In France, we have accented characters

Absent from English, accented characters are a feature of French language. It must be taken into account when developing a SEO strategy because an accented keyword is often written with no accent by the French Internet users who want to save time. Google considers these different spellings as many different keywords and search results also differ from how to write to another.

We know French SEO market

We have a strong network of French websites

Netlinking is a critical part of a SEO strategy. To be well positioned in search results, it is necessary to work on connections with relevant e-reputation sites and blogs. SEO specialists in France since 1998,we have developed our network and increase our network of partners and bloggers to offer you the best service possible.

Google leads in France

Google has over 91% of the search engine market in France nad outdo his competitors Yahoo and Bing. If the situation is similar in UK, it is different in the U.S. market because Bing and Yahoo are still present (laws on competition). Given the importance of Google in France, our company focuses its efforts on websites optimization for Google France.

Why is SEO compulsory for your business ?

Optimisation SEO d'un site internet

The first SEO activities appear with the emergence of search engines like Yahoo, Altavista and Google at the end of the 90’s. SEO (acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”) is a set of techniques and methods designed to improve the ranking of a website in the results pages of search engines on specific keywords and expressions. In France, more than 90% of searches are done from Google.

Quite often the design and ergonomics are highlighted at the expense of SEO. However, only SEO allows you to be visible on the Internet and attract potential customers when you have a weak or non-existent reputation. Now what’s the use of having an attractive website design if nobody can see it just because your site is not optimized enough?

Given the fact that today 80% of clicks are focused on the first 3 engine results, you have to get involved in a long-term process to target the top 3 Google positions. Furthermore as seen above, SEO technics are evolving just like the search engines’ guidelines which make difficult the understanding of the actions that need to be taken.

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